Retail WiFi

Shoppers have been researching their purchases, comparing prices and ordering online before visiting bricks and mortar retail stores for years. Now retailers are commonly experiencing ‘showrooming’ – customers browsing online whilst in store, searching for the best price, and sometimes buying from competitors.

WiFi is a great tool to use to encourage customers to interact with your brand, and not your competitor’s brand, when they’re in store.

Customers are also keen to use social media to share their shopping experience, sharing pictures and status updates, getting help and advice from friends whilst they shop,

Wi-Fi location analytics enables retail centres and alike to better understand and deliver what customers want. Whether this is to look at the location analytics for dwell time and footfall or to push marketing based on location and user behaviour.

By better understand how customers actually behave while on site, Wi-Fi location services helps maximisation and use of any floor plan.

Key Benefits

  • Consumer Analytics
  • Location Services
  • Promotions and Invcentives
  • Maximise Consumer Interaction
  • Longer Dwell Time

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