Hospitality WiFi

Free WiFi is an absolute given when owning or running a Hotel, Cafe, Guest House Restaurant or Take Away. However “Free WiFi Here” that falls short in performance is as good as no WiFi and will reflect negatively on the business.

The Hospitality industry has commented on the sharp increase in investment in “business return WiFi”.  Many recognise the value of data capture to increase guest data bases for marketing activity.  The increased use of Social Media log in such as Facebook and Twitter to help with demographics and Social media activities. The ability to identify and reward regular customers with loyalty programmes. The offers of promotions and incentives to encourage return visits. All this is Business Return WiFi

The days of having “tick in the box WiFi” in the hope that someone may buy an extra coffee are long gone.  The Hospitality industry is a little more business savvy now.

Key Benefits

  • Business Return
  • Return Visits
  • Customer Demographics
  • Data Capture
  • Promotions and Incentives

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