802 Event Wi-Fi Take High Road to BIDs Gathering in Perth…

by / Friday, 01 April 2016 / Published in Our News

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All roads lead to picturesque Perth on a sunny spring March 30th for the Business Improvement Districts Scotland (BIDs) Gathering at Perth Concert Hall.

The Gathering brings together more than 250 business leaders, key senior professionals and industry experts. All with direct influence and responsibility for delivering BID’s, policy-making and strategic delivery across Scotland.

Of course Perth Concert Hall is no stranger to 802 Event Wi-Fi. They installed their Intelligent Wi-Fi system in the prestigious venue. What better way to highlight your capabilities than be the Wi-Fi providers to such a key event? The hall is jam packed, the Wi-Fi is being given a vigorous workout and everyone seems happy with the service provided.

The company are delighted to continue their association with BIDS. Felix Gibson, CEO of 802 Event Wi-Fi said, ‘It’s all about community. Yes, the business is important but ultimately it’s about connectivity and community. Intelligent Wi-Fi in towns assists business communities to engage directly with consumers and visitors, increase footfall and dwell times, and promote products, services and events.’

802 Event WiFi has supported BIDs for several years, sharing knowledge and experience of their Intelligent Wi-Fi solutions to members and associates. This year’s event will focus on the further development of the BID model in Scotland and how they can help transform local communities and grow the local economy.

Felix Gibson agreed, ‘Alloa, Auchterarder, Cowdenbeath and Milngavie have all taken Intelligent Wi-Fi from 802 Event Wi-Fi. It is now the primary provider of Town Centre Wi-Fi solutions in Scotland delivering affordability, scalability and unrivalled performance.’

As the day gathered a pace, it was quite exciting to see the place so alive. There was a real energy, so many Scottish businessmen and women buzzing. Then again so am I. I blame the coffee. Walking around the stands, you can sense it. There was a great deal of positivity and a feeling that thinking locally yet acting globally was key. Delegates from the US, Sweden and Germany addressed the crowded concert hall.

Eva Bamberg, Director, Vibrant Places, Sweden, said ‘the Scottish Model of BID is scalable to adapt to an International or European market. Sweden is learning from Scotland in the development of BIDs and partnership working.’

Tine Fuchs of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce spoke passionately about new developments with Neighbourhood Improvement Districts in German. With an invite to 802 Event WiFi from Hans-Hermann Buhr to join them at their BID launch in Hannover in September.

Ross Martin, SCDI chief, spoke about the context of BIDs and the importance of partnership. He hoped for 150 BID towns by 2020. The theme centred around further development of the BID model in Scotland and how BIDs can help transform local communities and grow the local economy.

Felix Gibson, ‘While we have embraced the BID concept on improving trading conditions around town centres, this year, it’s been interesting to see more specific developments toward single sector business areas such as food and drink, tourism and business parks’.

Hopefully the crowds around the 802 Event Wi-Fi stand will transfer into future installations. Their business model is good and almost ideal as it works to help businesses, raise customer confidence and all with bespoke, Intelligent Wi-Fi.

All will be revealed as to how good The Gathering has been for 802 Event Wi-Fi have done in the next few months. Felix Gibson is energised and upbeat; though that coffee is strong and very good. ‘The feedback throughout The Gathering has been exceptional. We are looking forward to building on that platform with BIDs Scotland. Our focus remains resolute. It’s about community, connectivity and reinvesting in consumer and business through Wi-Fi. We look forward to further deployment and rolling out not only our system but our mantra. They (customers we chatted with) seemed to love the fact there were three kinds of Wi-Fi; good Wi-Fi, bad Wi-Fi and Intelligent Wi-Fi.’

He’s an intelligent guy.